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Charters , directly Paris-Atar, every sunday from 21/10/2018 until 14/04/2019,
point-afrique.com (click on "Vols Sec"s to have simple flights).

Regular Flights daily Europe and Africa from/to Nouakchott only.

Visa are obtained at any border and all airports ( 55 €, one month valid)
prolongation is possible.

MONEY since 01/01/2018 the good old ouguiya was divided by 10, this means where you got previously about 400 UM for 1 €, you now have 40 UM!
The old money lost its value and cannot be used anymore.

ATM's in all cities, in Atar only visacard accepted!

Public transport Comfortable and regular minibus services from Nouakchott to Atar (and Zouerate),
as to Ayoun, Nema, Mali, and Nouadhibou (and Dakhla, Morocco)
Soon there will be a line from Atar to Tidjikja.
All other destinations can be reached by (irregular, collective) taxis and 4WD's.

TRAIN: The ultimate adventure
The iron ore train joins daily Zouerate and Nouadhibou, stopping at Choum.
On the ore waggons travelling is for free, there are passenger waggons (paid).

Medical Care The climate being dry and healthy, mosquitos are without malaria, no vaccinations required.
Still, in case, there are simple, quite modern hospitals in Atar and Chinguitty and ofcourse in Nouakchott.



Bab Sahara - BP 59 Atar - Mauritanie / tel.+222 46473966 / whatsapp: +31649644657 / justusbuma@yahoo.com