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"La Porte de l'Espoir" (Door of Hope)

La porte de l'espoir is the name of a small organisation for poor children in Atar/ Mauretania, that assists them in school, general development and knowledge.
This "Door of Hope"opened for some of these children in summer 2011 with just 15 pupils. It has grown rapidly to now help 50 children. Giving help with homework after ordinary school, which is obligatory, it also monitors the progress of the children and has a strong social side to the teaching lore, which includes hygiene, tolerance and cooperation.

sy project

It gives the children some of the simple things we all take for granted, like a good shower and a square meal, often the only one a child may have each day.
But rent for the rooms, a small wage for the professional teacher, school books and pencils, all of course cost money.
This is where you can help keep the door to this wonderful little "after school coaching and care centre" open either by a once off gift or by giving a regular amount.
A regular amount is better, because it allows for more firm planning.
Please help keep this oasis open by sending your gift to:

Bab Sahara - Atar, or
in Europe/Germany: Susanne Heckmann,
Kto.Nr. 100 117 684, SPARDA-Bank Ostbayern BLZ 750 905 00
IBAN: DE71750905000100117684

The money will be given regularly without any administrative loss to
Mame Sy's "Porte d'Espoir"


Bab Sahara - BP 59 Atar - Mauritanie / tel.+222 46473966 / info@bab-sahara.com