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As we settled in Atar (1998), we were the unique employer of our district called Edebay and got rapidly a big social responsibility. This resulted in following social activities:

First aid for children around us, wounded or ill. Later on adults also came to us.

After tidying up our place (once we bought it), we undertook the same action for our direct surroundings, the district called Edebay. With enormous help of the citizans, the children and the township- without forgetting to mention some of our guests- we could even clean the (mostly dry) riverbed of about 500 Tons of household and other waste. The Town municipality added to our weekly waste collection of the district, to cover nearly all the city of Atar.

Construction of a small local dispensary with its equipment, co-financed by a Canadian NGO.

Permanent maintenance of and help for the school of Edebay, with its 270 pupils.

Providing of school- and sportmaterials. Providing schools with educational material and sports equipment.

Motivation Support and organisation of youth sportactivities.

Dental care missions in several schools of Atar.

Construction of a pedagogic centre in one of the poorest places neighbourhoods of the city, where the children really need afterschool learning (and a rich dinner!)
The building and current function are financed be merely private German donations.

We offer ourselves as mediators between volunteers or financers and local projects for youth.

You are very welcome to join us with help and ideas in order to improve the life of the children!

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